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The crypto market in Pakistan is growing extremely fast. To keep up with the rest of the world, we have outlined three ways to easily buy and sell Polkadot Dot in Pakistan with just a few clicks.

What is Polkadot DOT?

Polkadot is a cryptocurrency and a blockchain platform, much like Bitcoin. Its native currency is called DOT, and it permits cross-chain transfers of crypto assets and data. Polkadot has the potential for high economic scalability as it was explicitly designed by the co-founder of Ethereum, Gavin Wood, along with Thiel Fellow Robert Habermeier and Technology Director Peter Czaban. Its genesis block was released with its native token, DOT, in May 2020 at the height of COVID-19.

What Are The Prospects Of Polkadot DOT?

The Polkadot DOT price currently sits around $5.17 with a $6.8 billion market cap and is predicted to reach around $5.95 by the end of 2023. This gives excited investors looking for a short game a window of opportunity.

How To Buy Polkadot DOT in Pakistan?

Now that you have a clear understanding of Polkadot DOT let’s discuss the step-by-step process of how to buy it in Pakistan:

1.     Find A Reputable Exchange

Many exchanges in Pakistan are not licensed, so to buy any cryptocurrency, the selection of an exchange that can be trusted with your money is the most critical step. A trusted exchange, like C4Changer, will provide you with all the necessary resources in one place, with solid security for your investments and a user-friendly platform.

2.     Sign Up

The next step will be to sign up on the exchange platform you can trust. Simply enter your information as you would on any other platform.

3.     Password Security

Make sure your password is powerful and cannot be easily guessed.

4.     Verify Your Identification

Most platforms will allow you to verify your identification for regulation. This is a common practice for other types of investments as well, so no need to be worried. Just provide your national identification and any other documents that might be relevant.

5.     Transfer Funds To Your Exchanger Account

Once your exchanger account has been created, you can quickly transfer your local currency in PKR into the exchanger account. Many exchanges allow for the usage of three main banking options: EasyPaisa, Jazz Cash, and bank accounts.

6.     Order Your Desired Currency (Polkadot DOT)

Once your account has been charged with your currency, you can choose your desired Polkadot DOT currency. You can type out the amount of PKR you want to spend, and the equivalent amount of DOT will appear.

7.     Verify and Buy

Verify the information entered, complete the CAPTCHA verification, and click exchange.

8.     Wallet Specifications

Set up a Polkadot DOT wallet with a strong password to ensure your exchanged DOTs are safe. You have many choices like hardware, mobile, and laptop wallets.

How To Sell Polkadot DOT in Pakistan?

Selling Polkadot DOT is relatively more straightforward than buying it. Let’s take a look at the entire process:

1.     Log In To Your Account

The first step will be logging in to your existing exchange account or creating a new account using the same process as the one mentioned above.

2.     Choose Sell Section

Click on the sell section on the exchange platform. Some exchange platforms, like C4Changer, offer a seamless buy-and-sell one-page experience.

3.     sеlect Polkadot DOT

Click on Polkadot DOT as your asset of choice.

4.     Type The Amount You Wish To Sell

Type in the number of DOTs or the equivalent number of PKR you wish to sell.

5.     Verify and Exchange

Repeat the verifying process of all the information you have entered, complete the CAPTCHA verification, and click on the exchange button to sell. Your Polkadot DOT will be removed from your wallet, and your specified EasyPaisa, Jazz Cash, or bank account will be credited.

Final Words

Buying and selling crypto in Pakistan is becoming more accessible with the growing market in the country. Finding a reputable crypto or Bitcoin exchange in Pakistan, like C4Changer, is vital to ensure a smooth and secure transaction. With these steps, anyone in Pakistan can now invest in this promising cryptocurrency. Sign up to enter the crypto arena today!

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