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Ensuring Secure Transactions: Our Measures Against Illegal Activities

When we find transactions that might be linked to money laundering, criminal activities, sanctions evasion, terrorism financing, or the creation of weapons of mass destruction, we take strict actions to ensure the safety and legality of all transactions. We use a service called GetBlock.net to help us identify these suspicious transactions. If the risk of a transaction being involved in these illegal activities is 70% or higher, we have the right to take the following actions:

1. Stop the Payment: If we suspect a transaction might be involved in illegal activities, we can stop the payment related to that transaction immediately.

2. Request Identity Verification: We may ask the user to verify their identity. This could inсlude sending a photo or video of themselves holding a document that proves their identity, like a passport or driver’s license. We might also ask for any other information related to the transaction to ensure its legitimacy.

3. Request Wallet Information: We can ask the user to provide a screenshot or video showing their personal account in the cryptocurrency wallet they used to send the funds. This helps us verify that the user has control over the wallet and that the funds came from a legitimate source.

4. Block Accounts and Share Information: If we believe a user is involved in illegal activities, we can block their account and any details associated with it. Additionally, we can share all available information with law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies, cryptocurrency exchanges, and payment systems to further investigate the matter.

5. Hold Funds: We can block and hold the user’s funds until we are satisfied that the origin of the funds is legitimate. The user will need to provide all requested documents and information related to the transaction to prove the legality of the funds.

6. Return Funds: Once we have thoroughly checked the transaction and the user’s documents, we will return the cryptocurrency or other funds to the original account from which they were sent. We only return funds after completing a full security check to ensure everything is in order.

7. Non-Compliance Consequences: If the user does not provide the requested information or respond to our requests within six months, the funds will not be returned. Instead, the withheld funds will be used to cover the costs of investigating the transaction. This rule ensures that users comply with our requests and helps us maintain a safe and legal platform for all transactions.

Why We Take These Steps

The steps we take are crucial for preventing illegal activities such as money laundering and terrorism financing. These activities are not just against the law; they also pose significant risks to global security and the integrity of financial systems. By using advanced tools and strict procedures, we can identify and stop suspicious transactions before they cause harm.

How the Process Works

1. Transaction Monitoring: All transactions are continuously monitored using the GetBlock.net service. This service uses sophisticated algorithms to detect unusual patterns and assess the risk of each transaction.

2. Risk Assessment: Each transaction is given a risk score. If the score is 70% or higher, it triggers our security protocols, and we take immediate action to investigate the transaction further.

3. User Notification: When a transaction is flagged, we notify the user and explain what information is needed to verify the transaction. Clear instructions are provided to help the user understand the steps they need to take.

4. Verification Process: The user submits the required documents and information. Our security team reviews everything carefully to ensure the legitimacy of the transaction. This process may involve checking the user’s identity documents, transaction details, and wallet information.

5. Decision Making: Based on the information provided, we decide whether to release the funds or take further action. If the user’s information checks out, we proceed with the transaction. If there are still doubts, we may continue to hold the funds and conduct additional investigations.

User Responsibilities

As a user, it’s important to understand your responsibilities:

1. Provide Accurate Information: Always provide truthful and accurate information during transactions. This helps ensure that your transactions are processed smoothly without delays.

2. Respond Promptly: If we request additional information or documents, respond as quickly as possible. Delayed responses can lead to extended holds on your funds or other actions.

3. Maintain Documentation: Keep all records and documentation related to your transactions. This includes receipts, transaction IDs, and any correspondence with us. It can be very helpful to have these documents readily available for verification, as this can speed up the process.

What Happens if You Don’t Comply

If you don’t provide the necessary information or fail to respond to our requests within six months, the funds related to the suspicious transaction will not be returned. Instead, we will use these funds to cover the costs of investigating the transaction. This measure is in place to encourage compliance and ensure that we can effectively investigate and prevent illegal activities.


Our primary goal is to maintain a safe and legal platform for all users. By using advanced monitoring tools and strict verification processes, we can detect and prevent transactions related to illegal activities. We appreciate your cooperation in providing the necessary information when requested and helping us keep the platform secure. Remember, these measures are in place to protect everyone and ensure that the financial systеm remains trustworthy and reliable. In order to make an exchange, the User, in accordance with the provisions of the exchange rules in force on C4changer, agrees to and undertakes to comply with all the conditions and terms outlined in these policies.