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Investing in crypto is no new trend; it has been well-established as a means of earning passive income from your savings. As the market continues to grow, crypto is being widely explored in Pakistan as a great way to make some returns in the uncertain economy. However, which tool can you use to provide the best cryptocurrency exchange services in Pakistan? It’s C4Changer, of course!

How To Use A Cryptocurrency Exchanger in Pakistan?

Let’s explore how you can use a reliable cryptocurrency exchanger in Pakistan to exchange the most profitable and undervalued e-currencies!

1.    sеlect The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in Pakistan

Before deciding to use an e-currency exchanger, you need to identify if it is reliable. Many exchange platforms are not clear in terms of service, and many people end up being disheartened. To make sure that is not the case, you can always do extra research or use an exchange platform like C4Changer.

2.    Create An Account

The next step is to create your own account on the e-money exchanger. Enter all the required details, including a strong password and email. It will take some time for the verification process to complete, but once it is done, you can freely exchange it whenever you wish.

3.    Choose Between Different Methods Transaction

Now, you will need to choose whether you want to invest using a bank transfer, EasyPaisa, or JazzCash. Whichever choice is your preference, sеlect it for the “You Send” section.

4.    sеlect The Cryptocurrency You Wish To Buy

Next, on a new webpage, you will need to decide which cryptocurrency you wish to invest in. The best investment you can make is one that is well-researched, so be sure to check the current value and past history of the e-currency you are contemplating. Once you make a firm decision, sеlect the digital currency of your choice for the “You Recieve” section.

5.    Type In The Amount In PKR You Wish To Invest With

Another new webpage will take you to the current exchange value of the e-currency you chose. Here, you need to enter the amount in PKR that you wish to invest in that particular e-currency.

6.    Fill In Your Info

Now, you will have to fill in all the following information:

       Your bank, EasyPaisa, or JazzCash account details.

       The address of your cryptocurrency of choice.

       Your name and email address.

       The Whatsapp number that is currently active.

7.    Verify

Now, you need to double-check everything you entered and complete the captcha.

8.    Click Exchange

Once that is done, just click on exchange, and the website will take you to a new webpage that will display your order status. It may take some time for the exchange to go through, so be patient.

9.    Log Back In

To sell your crypto, you need to log back into your already existing C4Changer account.

10.                       sеlect The E-Currency You Wish To Sell

sеlect the e-currency you want to sell from the “You Send” section.

11.                       Choose The E-Money Transaction Method

Now, choose the transaction method from the three options of bank transfer, EasyPaisa, and JazzCash from the “You Recieve” section.

12.                       Type In The Exact Amount

On the new page, the value of the crypto will be mentioned in PKR. Type in the precise amount you wish to sell.

13.                       Enter Your Info

Enter all the required information as you did when you bought the cryptocurrency.

14.                       Verify To Exchange

Go through everything twice, solve the captcha, and click exchange. Your order status will be shown to you on a new page.



A reputable cryptocurrency exchanger in Pakistan is the best way to ensure your investments are protected. Exchange platforms like C4Changer are completely legal and legitimately registered in Pakistan so that you can get global trading access to the most industry-leading cryptocurrencies.

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