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The crypto world is ever-growing, and the choices of investing in various currencies are increasing daily. How can you choose which digital currency is worth your time in such a diverse market? No need to worry because we have compiled all the 2024 predictions for one of the most promising cryptocurrencies, NEM XEM. Let’s get started!

New Economy Movement: The Digital Business Hosting Platform

New Economy Movement is a digital business hosting platform that supports data management technology through its built-in Proof-of-Important consensus algorithm. The native currency of this platform is NEM XEM. The platform itself is peer-to-peer, written in Java and JavaScript.

The NEM algorithm allows it to add new features to blockchain technology for wide distribution. Additionally, NEM offers multi-signature accounts and an encrypted messaging systеm. It has been in the works since June 2014, and after a series of test launches, it was finally released in May 2015.

Due to its unique offerings and innovative platform, NEM XEM quickly rose as a cryptocurrency in 2016, even becoming the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. It even had the approval of many international banks to create a blockchain payment infrastructure.

Current State of NEM XEM

NEM XEM has seen a rise in the past month of around 2.74% and a fall in the last five days of around 1.17%, with the current price being 10.6 PKR. However, this value decrease does not mean the currency is not profitable.

As the best Webmoney exchange in Pakistan, we know this is your golden chance to get the most out of your investment when you buy in, as the price is low. Once your NEM XEM is secured in your crypto wallet, you can wait for the currency to rise and then sell for maximum profits.

When Is The Right Time To Invest In A Cryptocurrency?

There are only two conditions when you should invest in a cryptocurrency:

  1. If a crypto is on the decline but is predicted to rise, this is when you need to invest to get your money’s worth.
  2. If cryptocurrency is on the rise, this is your golden chance to invest because you can easily get profits.

Following are the NEM XEM predictions for the first six months of 2024:

  1. According to crypto experts, the minimum trading cost of NEM XEM for January 2024 will be 9.83 PKR, while the maximum and average will be around 12.5 PKR and 11.17 PKR, respectively. This amounts to a potential ROI of around 10.3% during the month of January alone.
  2. The potential ROI drops by 10.8% for February, making it a great month to invest in NEM XEM. The average trading cost will remain at 9.83 PKR.
  3. The potential ROI of NEM XEM will remain down in March as well by 10%.
  4. Luckily, it is expected to rise again in April to 7.5%, with the average and maximum trading costs coming out to 10.54 PKR and 12.19 PKR.
  5. In May, the value of NEM XEM is also expected to increase by 11%, with the maximum and minimum trading costs being around 12.59 PKR and 10.34 PKR.
  6. For June, the average, minimum, and maximum trading cost of NEM XEM is estimated at around 9.95 PKR, 7.70 PKR, and 12.19 PKR, respectively. The potential ROI is 7.5%.


The crypto market is a beast that not many people can tackle. However, with a few tips and accurate predictions, anyone can easily make a bank on their cryptocurrency investments. All you need to do is understand the right times to buy in and when to sell out. When dealing with crypto in Pakistan, use a reliable e-money exchange platform like C4Changer. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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